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Best Condoms for His & Hers Pleasure

Best Condoms for His & Hers Pleasure

Choosing the right condom is key, because so many have new designs, textures, and materials, says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., the Men’s Health Sex Professor. But how to pick? Use the results from Dr. Herbenick’s test group of 30 couples along with feedback from Women’s Health testers to find the right one for you—and your partner.

And make sure You’re Not Wearing the Wrong Size Condom or you might be putting yourself at risk.

BEST ALL-AROUND: Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

More than a third of the guys in the Men’s Health test group rated this Trojan as their favorite. It’s shaped like a baseball bat (to allow more movement inside), has two sets of ribs, and is lubricated inside and out. Testers said it flexed well and the lube lasted a long time, and the women loved the ribs.

Rated high for: Comfort, fun
Rated low for: Natural feel


It’s lubed inside and out and contains L-arginine, a supplement the company says heightens sensation. Testers noticed a difference: “I felt a cool, tingly feeling,” said one. Many liked that, but some said it felt too cold and made them too sensitive.

Rated high for: Increased sensation, comfort
Rated low for: Lasting longer

BEST FOR HER PLEASURE: Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy

Shaped like a slim lightbulb, it’s ribbed at the base—a design that Trojan says enhances women’s pleasure. The condom’s roominess made some men worry that it had slipped off. But the women said it felt great. “I liked that she liked it,” one male tester wrote.

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Rated high for: Her pleasure, comfort
Rated low for: Natural feel


The company describes this condom as “super thin” and says it’s shaped to be sleek and feel less like a condom. Our testers confirmed that: “It felt very close to sex without a condom,” one wrote. Many men said it helped them maintain an erection.

Rated high for: Comfort
Rated low for: Her pleasure


It’s made from polyisoprene, marketed as being softer and stretchier than latex. Some guys thought it was too thick, but others loved that it didn’t have a latex smell. “It seemed to be slick without really being lubed,” a tester wrote.

Rated high for: Comfort, natural feel
Rated low for: Increased pleasure, lasting longer


Its large, spiral-shaped head twists during sex, creating friction. Testers said it’s a “corkscrewlike sensation” that “felt like a completely different experience of sex.” But like any novelty, it wears off: Only 7 percent of the men called it their favorite.

Rated high for: Fun
Rated low for: Helping maintain an erection

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