Adventures of a self identified pain slut.

Hi there! I’m Writer Kiel, and I’m a total pain slut! 🙂 Yes, it’s true. By day, mild mannered Kiel is just another hard working American citizen who seeks to enrich his life through open sexuality, orgies, and the more-than-frequent late night jaunts to Pho and taco joints. But behind this subtle demure, lies a submissive, flog-craving, cross-strapped whipping boy! Tie me down! Make me yours! Beat me into submission! And PLEASE remember my safe phrase is “Michael Bay is a Genius!” But seriously, folks… There are many sound schools of thought concerning the ideal/ideology of BDSM. This is SOOOO not that! This is just an offering of my pain/DOM experience. And if you are exploring an alternative sexual/relationship life style, you know what’s best for you. Information and advice should and w...

Mistress Manual: 10 Tips for being a female top

Mistress Manual: 10 Tips for being a female top Men being more dominant over women in the bedroom tends to be par for the course along the entire spectrum of sexuality: vanilla, swinger, kink, group. Biologically men are programmed to take the lead and take what they want; it served as a valuable tool for passing along their genealogy in times when spreading your seed was the key to survival. Though times are different now, and humans have sex for pleasure and recreation far more than they do to procreate, the basic instincts for a man to top a woman in the bedroom remain. We are evolving in our sexuality: kink, fetish, non-monogamy. One very common request/fantasy I have encountered and, being an alternative sex enthusiast, is female dominance. This can be as simple as a woman expressing ...

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