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Getting into the Swing of Things: Ménage Millennial for Life

Getting into the Swing of Things: Ménage Millennial for Life

There’s this joke my friends and I have about me…I am NOT a swinger.

The first time I met my new friends at Ménage Life – I remember saying just that – “I am much more a kinkster – than a swinger. Interested and open to it – but, not a swinger”.

Within three weeks – I was getting down at pretty much my first actual orgy – with someone I didn’t even plan to go to the party with and this ridiculously hot blonde with nipple piercings. I was like… is this even real right now? THIS….is fucking…..awesome. The party went on all morning long and I’ve never felt more comfortable with a room of a bunch of naked people I didn’t really know.

My best friend became my best friend over a conversation over kink. He came over for dinner to keep me company while my boyfriend was away on a trip. He brought me wine and his charming good looks – as he always did. I’m a tease. And being that I was unsupervised for the first time in a long time – I was down for some good conversation. I started talking about how helpless I was in the bedroom, because my boyfriend at the time refused to spank me….And he was like…. “Well I’ll do it for you…I tie my friends up and spank them all the time”…… and I was like yes, yes and yes.

We had always been good company – but connecting with someone that had similar interests was few and far between for me, at that point. I had one friend growing up that understood bdsm – and we would sneak off to see her much older boyfriend, so he could teach her things while I watched. But, as an adult – finding that community has been much more challenging to find. Men I date are scared of my sexuality. My friends tell me I need counseling for my fantasies…I’m like – maybe I just need to be tied up for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a whole hell of a lot cheaper than a shrink.

This community has been absolutely amazing. It’s not just about the sex.  It’s about being able to meet like minded people that I can share my interests with.

I love going to these parties and meeting these couples that have been in the lifestyle for years – and share a stronger bond than most “traditional” couples I know. And – there is absolutely nothing more beautiful to me, than someone being able to walk into a room as their true self – being the sexy, beautiful, fun and amazing person they want to be without any worry or judgment.



Written by: Ms. FoxieRoxy

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Oh Hello! I have been active in the sex and body positive movement for 10 years. I'm known in Colorado as a burlesque dancer and a sex positive party producer. I have a history in theater, dance, and throwing bitching parties.

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