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Exclusive / Swinger Parties

Saturday: Your mission should you choose to Accept it.

Saturday: Your mission should you choose to Accept it.

00Sexy: A Spy Soiree!

On Sat Oct 6th, you are invited to join S.P.E.C.T.R.E. at our Downtown Denver Hide-a-way where we will reveal our latest plan for world domination. Your sexy spy / evil villain couture is requested along with any late night attire/ costumes/gadgets you need to complete your mission…


Enjoy a 100% private upscale costume party at a sexy Downtown Denver home

Simply say the name Bond and one gets transported to a classier time when ballroom dancing, tuxedos, mansions & martinis ruled the earth. Sexual freedom and world domination were in, baby! Say what you will about his sexist moments. Bond will always be synonymous with glamorous international travel, swanky high class soirees, sex, danger and excitement!

BYOB Event

Our sexy bartenders will store your liquor and pour your drinks.

We will provide ice, cups and basic mixers. We do not provide Red Bull.

For Your Enjoyment

Indoor and outdoor play areas

Hors D’oeuvres (veggie, gluten free and meat lovers)

Billiard Table

Sexy Spy Performances

DJs and Dancing – Spy tunes early. Club music late.

Formal or Costume Attire Required

Jeans or casual street clothes will be turned away and no refunds given

Costume Ideas

Bond, Bond girls, Evil villains/villainesses, Cold War Commanders, Military Attaches, Diplomats, Korean ex-wrestlers, Austin Powers, Femmebots, Swinging bachelors, Mad scientists, CIA spies, House servants, Casino dealers, Armed hitmen or henchwomen, Ms. Moneypenney, M, Q, Goldfinger. Dr No.

Earlybird Tickets On Sale Now!

Pricing is still PER PERSON — AND — You are REQUIRED to attend with at least one partner. You and your partner(s) are responsible for each other’s behavior. If one of you breaks rules, all of you will be asked to leave – BUY HERE


The Stout House – We are excited to be hosting at this eclectic 100% private house in Downtown Denver. The decor is a sexy mix of industrial, nerdcore & swanky shagadelic. You have to see it to fully appreciate it. Plus multiple play spaces and a large outdoor area with fire pit. 100% clothing optional!

See you all there – S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

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Oh Hello! I have been active in the sex and body positive movement for 10 years. I'm known in Colorado as a burlesque dancer and a sex positive party producer. I have a history in theater, dance, and throwing bitching parties.

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